Update on Hong Kong Bitcoin ATMs

HONG KONG — It should be no surprise that the cryptocurrency world changes rapidly. I found out today that some of the Bitcoins ATMs I have blogged about are no more.

I spent three hours — not including time off for a quick dinner and transport time — to find an available Bitcoin ATM on Hong Kong Island on a Saturday near my Airbnb in Causeway Bay. All my familiar ones were apparently gone, and the listings on CoinATMRadar.com were out of date. In the end, I found the one shown at left near the Jordan MTR station, in the lobby of the Nathan Hotel just off Nathan Road in Kowloon.

Google Maps’ directions are faulty. Here are mine:

  • Take the MTR to Jordan station.
  • Use exit B1.
  • Turn right, and right again to walk north 400 meters on Nathan Road to the Starbucks at 387 Nathan Road.
  • Go past the Starbucks and turn right onto Pak Hoi Street (北海街)
  • Enter the lobby of the Nathan Hotel, and turn right. The ATM is near the entrance to the Starbucks.
The Nathan Hotel is next to the Starbucks on Nathan Road.

The ATM is a Genesis Coin unit, and the process of buying Bitcoin with fiat currency is the same as using a Lamassu or other crypto ATM. In Hong Kong, ID is not required. You just have the ATM scan your Bitcoin address on your smartphone wallet, insert Hong Kong notes ($100 or $500) into the slot, and Bob’s your uncle.

My deposit appeared in my wallet by the time I had walked back to Jordan station.

For future reference, these ATMs on Hong Kong Island are apparently no longer available.

  • Kwong Wah Mansion, 269-273 Hennessey Road. You have to buzz the intercom at the entrance to the building, and it was not clear which number should be pressed. The guard on duty was not helpful. UPDATE: According to the Genesis Block website, access to the ATM is on Stewart Road. I did not know this when I visited there today, and I may try visiting it before I leave HK tomorrow.
  • 298 Computer Zone. I talked to the owner, who runs another shop in the shopping center. He said traffic was too low, so he closed the ATM shop and will move it to a hotel in Yau Ma Tei.
  • The Lamassu ATM in Central on Wing Kut Street, which I had used last year, was sitting in its shop, but was dead as a doornail. There is no sign explaining the outage. UPDATE: The operators have said they will repair the unit over the weekend.
  • I did not visit the other ATMs listed in Central at CoinATMRadar, so I can’t vouch for them.
  • Nor did I visit CNT Tower at 338 Hennessey Road, where ANX had an ATM in its offices. I had used this ATM in the past as well. CoinATMRadar does not list it, but it does appear in a Google search.

Please note that this research is not exhaustive. I only had one afternoon to find a working Bitcoin ATM, so if my information is scanty, please forgive me.

Needless to say, there are no Bitcoin ATMs anymore in mainland China.

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