Did Bitconnect Coin value tank 90% before or after closure announcement?

Take at look at these charts from external exchanges trading in Bitconnect Coin (BCC)


As Bitconnect announced it was closing its lending and exchange platforms, there was a huge sell-off around 21:00 UTC yesterday. [5:00 am China time, when I was still asleep.] The coin has lost 90% of its value in less than 24 hours. At HitBTC, the value is now around $22.50, down from the mid-200 level of the last week.

While I assume the sell-off happened after the closure announcement was posted, I’m still not sure of that timing. The announcement is dated Jan. 16, but the page source does not list the time it was updated. A perusal of Twitter reveals many people caught wind of the news several hours ago, about the same time as the big sell-off was occurring.

In other words, were Bitconnect holders selling before the announcement was posted on the website, or after? If you know when the announcement was posted, please let me know.

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